This page is to help you go to the State of Colorado Website to view the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act as updated from the previous session of the Legislature. It's available but not easy to find and your browser may not get it either. Here is a fool proof method.

1. Go to the State of Colorado Website

2.. Click on Colorado Revised Statutes

3, Agree - go to next page

3.. Click on the third box on the left "Colorado Revised Statutes" after US and Colorado Constitutions, etc.

4.. The Master Index appears on the next page - Click on Title 38

5. Open the driop down (plus sign) for Tltle 38. Click the drop down on Real Property, then Interests in Land

6. Clock on Article 33.3 - You now have the CCIOA index--Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act.

.Click here to get and save a copy of these instructions.